when you and your friend pull off a sick burn


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"Loneliness smells like cinnamon and cherries cooking in a pot, I fancy a gentleman tipped his hat to me and offered me tea and his arm. I think I want a life in woolly sweaters, to cut birds out of apples and play chess on stormy nights, with the stars painted on the ceiling above us. I’d like to be taught to play the accordion, think how nice it would be in a house on rails, a train compartment in beige and red. Oh, I got lost inside my head again, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t."


fellas to my left…honeys on my right…folks who don’t fit into the gender binary levitate above me in cool poses…

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"Give too little of yourself and people think you’re cold; give them too much and suddenly no one’s interested."



please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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